Comprehensive Financial Advising Services for Complete Confidence

Our proven process for financial planning and management follows four phases:

Most financial advisors start the conversation by looking at financial statements, balance sheets, and asset summaries. We want to learn about your values, your lifestyle, and your hopes for the future. With context, trust, and rapport established, we’ll turn to the numbers.

Most people seek financial advice because they want a clearer picture of life after retirement. Most financial advisors respond by presenting packages and selling products. We’re here to change that. We commit to educating our clients on their options and what’s behind them so that they are empowered to make choices that work for them.

We build plans that account for everything from A-Z. Between A and Z, life happens. That’s why our plans are living, breathing documents, accounting for a myriad of scenarios, and are guaranteed to change as life unfolds.

Whether we’re managing their assets, helping them navigate the sale of a business, mitigating their risks, or planning their estates, we have one goal: Setting our clients free to live.

Living life leads to new discoveries, and so this process repeats itself, in a life-long cycle. With Design™ Wealth, you’ll be living empowered.

Identify Market Shifts

We bring these ongoing, vital services to every Design™ Wealth client, and design them to fit their specific needs.

Income Planning

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There are multiple strategies for taking income from your retirement accounts. You will determine how you prefer to receive your income and understand not only your expected income levels but how that could change in a myriad of scenarios.

Tax Planning

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No matter how complex your financial situation, we’ll help you look forward, plan for taxes, and protect what you’ve accumulated. Tax planning is about paying what you are required to and making sure you do not leave the IRS a tip.

Risk Management & Analysis

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Risk management is more than a generic client questionnaire that puts you in a risk tolerance box. On an ongoing basis, we’ll assess your levels of exposure and guide you as you decide what levels of risk you’re willing to take on.

Healthcare Planning & Long-Term Care

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Planning for healthcare is a vital part of planning for retirement. It’s not a matter of if a healthcare event happens, it is when a healthcare event happens. Ensuring you have a plan to care for yourself and a surviving spouse is critical. We’ll walk with you as your needs change with your phase of life.

Estate & Legacy Planning

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Whether your situation is complex or simple, having an estate plan is a critical part to a comprehensive financial plan. We will ask the right questions and help guide you down the right path to ensure your legacy is preserved.

Investment Services

If your financial phase of life demands more proactive financial growth, optimized investment services, risk management, and tax planning may be the key.

Life Stage Portfolios

An investor’s nest egg is too important to assume that recovery from losses is inevitable and within a reasonable timeframe. Our Life Stage Portfolios seek to participate in market growth and protect during persistent downtrends by utilizing protective hedging techniques.

Market-Based Strategies

A long-term buy-and-hold approach can play an important role in a comprehensive investment plan. Buying good long-term investments based on academic research, solid fundamentals, and long-term growth potential is the basis of a sound buy-and-hold investment philosophy.

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In our early sessions, we’ll help you understand the financial stage of life you’re in, what to expect now and in the years to come, different paths to reach your goals, likely scenarios and how to prepare for them, and the key decisions we’ll help you make along the way.

For now, let’s get to know each other.